Established in 2015, ScipherDragon is one of the most innovative Film studios in the world, an Arc-Reactor for creators, and strength within the film community. From producing Donny Switch and Lime Recipe to epic TV Series like Choice and NightBird, ScipherDragon is responsible for some of the most sensual viewing experiences in the entertainment film industry. Through its use of cutting-edge mythology and character-driven storytelling, ScipherDragon continues to dazzle the film community while maintaining a passionate fan base of moviegoers around the globe. 

ScipherDragon recent feature Film Collaborations releases include The Blackout Experiment, currently playing on Apple TV+ and Amazon prime, and Reawakened, also playing on Amazon Prime. 

ScipherDragon's latest title is NightBird, The cinematic TV Series playing on ScipherDragon YouTube Channel. 

ScipherDragon is a privately owned company located in Santa Monica, California. Follow us on Twitter,  Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

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